Custom Family Bracelets - Personalized

This may be the perfect way to bring the family together!

This entire collection can be customized for your family or a friend. I am sure you got a papa Bear, mama bear, baby cub, a book lover, hockey lover, or just that one thing that unites your family or friends. Spell it out and make a bracelet for each family member and your friends. 

We believe in quality work. This is a handmade custom bracelet that comes in various metals and designs of your choice. 

There are up to three custom text space above for orders with more than 1 bracelet. If you buy one, just fill our the first text. If you buy more than one, fill out the other spaces or email us at 

Use the THREE pages worth of picture designs to add meaning to your bracelet! Each picture will count towards 1 character. 


  • Handmade 
  • Bracelet Width: 0.25 Inches
  • Bracelet Length: 6 Inches
  • Material: Choose from above. Price varies. 
  • Can be personalized: Yes
  • Style: Boho & hippie
  • Adjustable: Yes


1.) Select your preferences from the two drop-down menus.
2.) Type your personalizations in above text fields
3.) Add your item(s) to your cart
4.) Select your shipping method.
5.) Check Out.
6.) Instinct Deals will take care of the rest. You can always email us to make sure we make you the perfect bracelets for your family. 

Made to order. 6" adjustable. Fits most wrist sizes (we can make this longer or shorter, per your request). Add a unique outside texture! Created just for you by our artisans for a unique and beautiful piece of jewellery. We begin by selecting quality components, cut and finished for this bracelet design. Then, each character is stamped one at a time by hand, with careful consideration given to the placement of the letters and depth of the metal. The bracelet is lightly distressed with a polishing brush for the perfect look. Each character is then highlighted for a nice contrast. Finally, the edges are rounded for a comfortable fit and a final polish is applied. Please allow for slight variations in our handcrafted artisan jewellery. Each piece we make is made-to-order and one-of-a-kind.


You can also personalize this item to make your own custom bracelet. Select the number of characters you want on your bracelet (the pictures are free) and metal type with the drop down menu above. You can also include a message to us when you check out in the notes section or contact us immediately after you place your order.

Options include the following:

Textures (See photo examples):
- Organic, Smooth
- Hammered Edges
- Hand Hammered
- Geometric
- Basket Weave
- Wave
- Pebble
- Lace
- Brushed

Change the words: Limit of 75 characters, to include letters, numbers and spaces. We charge based on the number of characters you want placed on your bracelet. The pictures are free.

Personalize with names or dates.

Available materials: Aluminum (silver), copper (deep orange) and brass (rich yellow). The colors you see listed are created with aluminum. The copper and brass would come in that material with any texture only.

Additional stamp characters: hearts, swirls, sun, half moon, stars, lightning bolt, clouds, anchor, infinity, ribbon, dinosaur, elephant and paw prints. Let us know the exact placement on your jewellery for each character. Example would be: "please stamp a heart on the outside corner of the bracelet" Limit of 5 characters.

Inside or outside of the bracelet.

Different Fonts (see additional photos and then choose on the options above).

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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